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Welcome to 7M Sports to comment, share your views and make full use of our services. In order to enjoy our network services, users shall agree to be bound by the agreement and register as per our guiding procedure. Once user registered and clicks on “I Agree”, user has agreed to accept all rules set by 7M as follow:

(A) Contents that incite dissent or in contempt of constition, law, administrative rules and regulations;
(B) Contents that incite to subvert state power or subvert socialist system;
(C) Contents that differ state sovereignty and undermine national unity;
(D) Contents that incite ethnic hatred, discrimination, and undermining ethnic unity;
(E) Contents that fabricate or distorte facts, spread rumors, or with intendtion to disrupt public order;
(F) Contents that promote feudality, superstitions, obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terrorism and abet crimes;
(G) Contents that insult or fabricate facts to slander others, or constitute malicious attacks;
(H) Contents damage credibility of state bureaus;
(I) Any other actitivies in violation of constition, administrative laws and regulations;
(J) Acts of commercial advertisements;
Second, respect one another, be responsible for your own words and actions.
Click “I accept”, it means that you agree to accept above terms of service clause and privacy